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Looking for insight and inspiration? You’re going to love Justin Cohen’s – Big Little Stories.

Big Little Stories are written and told by speaker and author Justin Cohen. They are produced by Catherine Daymond. Justin’s personal stories are provided free to you, but the BLS team also collect and create commissioned stories for corporations.

Inspirational Corporate Videos

Power of story to ramp up your next conference!

Inspirational Videos

Watch inspirational stories  We are always adding new ones!

Justin Cohen

Keynote Speaker

“What’s your story?”

The Astonishing Power of Story

Master the Ultimate Form of Influence 

“The best book on the power of story out there. There’s the theory, there’s the practice but above all Justin tells a fascinating story.” -Scott Friedman, Past Presi-dent, Professional Speakers Association (USA)

Organisational Bibles

Create an Organisational Bible, a compilation of your business case studies and inspirational stories that define your company’s culture. Great for induction programs, training and development and even external marketing. You corporate story book becomes a blueprint for “the way we do things around here”. It’s a powerful way to capture and perpetuate your corporate culture.

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